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Sydney Global City Making Free Public Talk

Place Partners Hosted   

Place Partners is hosting 'Global City Making,' a free public talk with strategic place maker Kylie Legge, US tactical urbanism leader Mike Lydon and The City Of Sydney's Cultural Policy Manager Rachel Healy.

When: 6.00pm-8.00pm on Wednesday 18 September

Where: Darling Quarter Theater, 1 Harbour Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia

Join the global conversation about city making and the role of community and government in creating better urban environments for all.

Place making, tactical urbanism and cultural precinct development are all aiming for the same result: authentically local places that reflect the community's needs and aspirations. Globally, the gap between top down and bottom up approaches is reducing, and this potential meeting point is full of potential and creative tension. In some cities, roles are already overlapping and governments are playing protagonist while communities are increasingly involved in decision making. As we move forward, how can government and community work collaboratively in both structured and unstructured systems?


Kylie will speak on the potential of place making, the strategic process that defines the goals of a community, identifies the unique characteristics of each place and develops a long-term plan for holistically developing a sense of place, to improve our cities.

Mike will speak on the goals and outcomes of tactical urbanism, the use of lower cost, quick or short term interventions into the fabric of an existing environment that have a strategic or long term objective

Rachel will speak on the development of the City of Sydney's first cultural policy. 

The speaker sessions will be followed by a 30 minute interactive session with the audience.








Thank you to the City of Sydney and UTS's Ulab.

More about Kylie here       More about Mike here

More about the City of Sydney's Cultural Policy here


Start date:

Wed, 18.09.2013

End date:

Wed, 18.09.2013