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Oxford Street Activators

Oxford Street Activators, 25.02.2015: Thank you for your continued interest in the Oxford Street Activators project! Our workshop was held on the night of February 25 with Kylie Legge of Place Partners and Ryan Reynolds of Gap Filler. It was great to see a good turnout and some really great positive were developed. For those who were not there,...

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World's Best Places

With urban populations growing steadily, public spaces, particularly those that are great for people, are rising in emotional, physical and economic value. We want to capture what makes these people places so great so that everyone can learn from them. Tell us what makes these places work while others flounder... What is the big, or small attraction? Why do they feel comfortable? Or exciting? Or relaxed? What are the key learnings that could be applied to new places or those being improved or even completely redesigned?

This database is open to everyone to contribute to and share so please participate by adding your favourite place, making a comment on one of the places already here or even just giving a place the thumbs up.


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